Froot Loops Lawsuit

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Recently, a man has sued Kellog's for it's Froot Loops cereal, claiming that the "froot" is misleading because it made him think it contained fruit.[1]

Is this a legitimate lawsuit? Does it hold any water?


Arguments For

Yes, he deserves to win

Misleading product labeling is constantly tricking consumers into buying the wrong items. Product manufacturers should stop using terms like "all natural" when it doesn't contain any natural ingredients. They shouldn't market with misspellings to try to trick consumers. For example, yellow "Better Spread" looks just like butter. Deceptive labeling practices is a problem and manufacturers should be responsible.

Arguments Against

No, this lawsuit should be thrown out

Anyone knows "Froot" is not fruit. Furthermore, a detailed list of ingredients and nutritional information is right on the box. You need to read the labeling, that's the consumers job.


 1  Froot not Fruit SF Lawsuit

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