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What company do you think is better and why?

Apple and Microsoft have been in rivalry for many years now, at first Microsoft dominated but now Apple is gaining an more equal proportion in the market share. What company do you think is the best. Base you decision on, ease of use, availability, pricing, extensibility, visual appeal, speed or anything else you want to.

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Apple website
Microsoft website

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I reckon apple is better because their machines are much more sleeker and compact saving valuable desk space. The OS is easy to use and simple but also can be used for very complex tasks allowing the one OS to be used for just checking an email and running a web server easily. The price is higher but, there are less viruses and it is much more stable. I myself do not like windows for its annoying "Are you sure you want to do this" dialog boxes so I am probably a little bit biased. - _fraz_ (twitter) 0

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