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The issue of political socialism has been on the minds of people since the very early beginnings of politics itself. The debate continues to this day on the effectiveness and correctness of socialist policies.

Arguments For

Inhumane to Leave the Poor(2)

Those who are poor deserve to be given some amount of help from others who can provide it, and the government should mandate it through policy to ensure that everyone has the help they need.

Arguments Against

Socialism Guarantees Poverty(1)

If you distribute money away from those who earned it to those who did not, people will immediately realize that there is less incentive to work hard and easier to rely on other people. If everyone realizes this at the same time, nobody is working hard and the net effect is everyone becomes poor.

Long History of Failure

The Soviet Union collapsed, economically, due to socialism. For example, farmers had no incentive and thus no desire to produce high quality products which would simply be allocated to the general population. It became a competition about who could be the most lazy, anyone who wasn't lazy was a fool. Why work harder than your neighbor only to have your product squandered by the government? Eventually, goods became scarce and expensive, everyone depended on the government (which produces no actual trade-able good or service), and finally collapsed.


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