Should Van Jones be Fired? (Obsolete)

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Van Jones was appointed by Barack Obama to the position of Special Advisor for Green Jobs. The media has recently been buzzing with the idea that Van Jones should be fired due to his so-called "radical" past.
This debate is obsolete, due to Van Jones resigning his position.[3]


Arguments For

Those advocating Jones firing say he is a self-avowed communist, a radical, a racist, and a danger to the country because of his beliefs.

Jones was the leader and founder of a radical group, the communist revolutionary organization Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, or STORM.[2]

The STORM manual says that, "the 9/11 vigil was held to express solidarity with Arab and Muslim Americans and to mourn the civilians killed in the terrorist attacks "as well as the victims of U.S. imperialism around the world."[2]

A section of STORM's manual that describes Jones' organization as having a "commitment to the fundamental ideas of Marxism-Leninism."[2]

Arguments Against

Those defending Jones say his "radicalness" is in the past, he has done nothing wrong as green jobs advisers, and the man has an excellent resume in dealing with environmental issues.


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