Should football tweets be illegal?

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The NFL, worried about losing revenue, do not want twitter users to broadcast play-by-play tweets.[1] They are ready to impose fines on those who do so, but it may not be feasible.

Should tweeting about NFL football plays be prohibited?

Arguments For

Yes, tweeting should not be allowed

Football is a commercial product and giving it away would not only hurt the revenue of NFL but eventually hurt the fans as well if the NFL has to go bankrupt like the Indoor Football League did.


The content of football broadcasts are protected by copyright. They clearly state they should not be reproduced or disseminated without express consent. If anyone doesn't like these rules, they should not watch football.

Arguments Against

No, tweeting should be ok

Twitter users should have the freedom to say whatever they want.


 1  Why Twitter Scares the NFL Sept 2, 2009 Hessel, Evan (www.forbes.com)

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they need to earn money, it should be illegal - its STEALING - jennyhooah (twitter) -1
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Yes, it is in a way stealing and has nothing to do with free speech. play-by-play should be controlled but other updates such as big hit or summin or 15 min score updates should be fine. You could argue the you could call a friend up and tell them over the phone and its the same just over a different medium, but with twitter being able to broadcast to the whole world it becomes a different story. It should not become fully illegal but restrictions put in place. - _fraz_ (twitter) 0

1 Voted No

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Freedom of speech! Nobody wants to read play-by-play tweets anyways. I'd rather watch it on TV. - thorie (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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