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What's your take on Apple's Snow Leopard?

Arguments For

Yes, I like Snow Leopard!


Built-in applications run faster.[2]


64-bit operating system


Snow Leopard operating system is well refined and foccuses on what it already has and making it better


Contains built-in features that allow it to be easy to use for disabled people.

Out of the Box Microsoft Exchange Support

That's right, Snow Leopard features out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Exchange; for those of you who still stick with the rubbish that Microsoft produces.

Arguments Against

No, I don't like Snow Leopard


3rd-party applications almost never runs faster.[2]

Lack of Improvement

Boots into a 32-bit operating system, not a complete 64-bit implementation.[1]
Expose dock integration is nothing new.[1]
PDF preview is hardly a feature worth paying for.[1]
Quicktime Pro is hardly an included app worth paying for.[1]

Gizmodo.com writes, "If you're looking for more bells and whistles, you can hold off on this upgrade for at least awhile. But my thought is that Snow Leopard's biggest feature is that it doesn't have any new features, but that what is already there has been refined"[2]


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