Gold as an investment?

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Is gold a good investment?

Arguments For

Yes, Gold is a good investment

Increasing Inflation

As the federal government prints more money and increases it's debt, the value of paper money goes down while gold prices go up.

Nearly doubled in the last 2 years

Gold has continued its increase over the last 10 years.

Limited quantity can be mined

Gold can't be created or printed. It either exists or does not.

Arguments Against

No, gold is a bad investment

No real intrinsic value

Gold can't be eaten or really used in any way, and mostly used for jewelry. Some believe it can be used for semiconductors.

Not a hedge against inflation

Inflation doesn't move opposite of gold. They move independently.

Confiscated by the government during great depression

Gold can be taken away by the government.

Store of value rather than investment

Gold has shown to store value, but not generate rapid returns such as in the equity markets.


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I think it's heading to $1000 an ounce! I think once the psychological barrier is broken, that mark will become the new floor rather than the ceiling. - thorie (twitter) 0

1 Voted No

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Gold? It doesn't seem very useful except as jewelry. - jennyhooah (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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