Allow genetically engineered offspring?

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Should the government allow genetically engineered offspring?

Arguments For

Yes, allow genetically engineered offspring

Potential to eliminate diseases

"The technique was developed for women who have disorders caused by defects in a form of DNA passed only from females to their children, and the researchers said they hope the work will eventually translate into therapies for people." - Scientists Produce Monkeys With DNA From Two Mothers - washingtonpost.com

Arguments Against

Yes, allow genetically engineered offspring

Ethical concerns

It is unethical to modify life this way. Christians would not allow it.

Gene pool diversity concerns

The gene pool may lose some of its diversity and natural randomness that has served life so well on this planet.

Unknown consequences

We don't know the long-term effect of such manipulation.


 1  Michael Pollan Calls for Open Source Genetic Engineering

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I'm sort of against it because we don't know the long term implications. But, the possibilities are potentially amazing so I think it will be inevitable. Science has changed the way we live and we should find ways of embracing it in an ethical and thoughtful manner. - jennyhooah (twitter) 0

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