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This is a website review of the popular social media website Digg.com. It is similar to Reddit.com, among many others.

Arguments For

Yes, I like Digg.com

Digg can help you find interesting blogs and posts.[1]
Digg can help you network with like-minded people.[1]
Digg is free.
Digg has many active users contributing to digg by digging/burying and flagging spam.

Arguments Against

No, I do not like Digg.com

Digg penalizes users who submit and digg their own posts.[1]
Unpopular opinions can be buried and biased articles can have more diggs.
Digg power-users have a dominant control over which articles will eventually reach the front page.
The Digg bar is annoying.


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 2  How Digg Works Fetched Sept 15, 2009 Unknown Author (Digg.com)

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I think it's pretty cool. - thorie 0

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