Do the bank failures worry you?

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Arguments For

Yes, the bank failures worry me.

There is indication that the FDIC may run out of funds.
Bank failures are indication of a larger economic problem.

Arguments Against

No, the bank failures do not worry me.

There is no reason for bankers to worry as long as the FDIC still exists.


 1  2009 bank-failure tally climbs to 84 Aug 28, 2009 Letzing, John (www.marketwatch.com)

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3 more bank failures bring the tally to 87. What a mess!

#economy Bank failures are terrible. FDIC can't keep covering the deposits forever. Eventually even the FDIC will run out of cash. I really hate to imagine what will happen. - thorie (twitter) 0
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What 3 banks are you referring to? Do you mean US banks? - MegLeeChin (twitter) 0

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