Life in a Village or Life in a Town ?

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On our breakfast show on Saturday 11th June, Alan Donegan (@AlanDonegan) and Jon Maybury (@saxinthecity) will be hosting a live radio debate on whether it is better to live in a village or to live in a town. Actually, a debate is a bit of a pompous name for it. It's just going to be a bit of banter on-line and you're welcome to join in the debate on Twitter using the hashtags: #village or #town. Also mark all your tweets with #RHW.

Jon waited for ages to move into the #village of Hartley Wintney and he's not planning on moving anytime soon. He was looking for a "forever home" where he could bring up his family.

Alan is famous for creating the #hashtag #amazingstoke to describe Basingstoke when he moved there, so I think we know where he stands in this debate. He'll be advocating #town.

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The Village Festival on Saturday 11th June is my favourite day of the year. - saxinthecity (twitter) +1

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As the radio station, I've got to keep things fair, and after all the folks at Basingstoke and North Hampshire hospital are ace ! - RHW877 (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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