Should cellphone calls be permitted on planes?

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In the past, cell phones have not been permitted on planes because of theoretical disturbance they can cause to sensitive flight equipment. However, there is some dispute over this disturbance. Should cellphone calls be permitted in-flight?

Arguments For

Yes, they should be permitted

Economical Reasons

Airline industry is slumping and needs to make it's customers happy.

Technical Reasons

No solid evidence of technical problems caused by cell phones.

Social Reasons

Cell phones are used on trains and buses all the time.

Arguments Against

No, they should not be permitted

Technical Reasons

The cell phone transmission will disrupt the plane's functioning causing it to crash in a flaming ball of hell.

Social Reasons

It's personally disruptive to other people to talk on their phones.


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1 Voted Yes

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There are no real reasons for not allowing cell-phone usage onboard planes - apart from the logistics, of course - cell-phone signals would need to be relayed somehow, as there isn't really all that good cell-coverage 30000 feet up in the air.

The arguments about making planes crash are mostly bogus - yes, some cellphone signals affect some in-plane instruments - these are easily shielded, though, and it's not like the plane doesn't get attacked by thousands of other sources of signal interference.

As for the "I don't want to listen to people talk" argument - well, there are already on-board phones installed - they're just awfully expensive to use, so few use them, or at least they use them for short periods of time. And otherwise - just ignore it? I'm guessing that the flight-attendants will still have the final word, even though cell-phone usage gets permitted - too loud, or too annoying, and they can tell you to turn it off. Simple. - Junkfoodjunkie (twitter) 0

3 Voted No

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I like my peace and quiet. - thorie (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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If it disrupts the equipment obviously not! It is like smoking, although some don't mind others really despise them. It is a small cramped environment and a few people would not like to hear your conversation while trying to sleep. - _fraz_ (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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I say no - jennyhooah (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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