Pearson v. Chung (2005)

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Pearson v. Chung is a civil case filed in 2005 by Roy L. Pearson, Jr., an administrative law judge in the District of Columbia in the United States, following a dispute with a dry cleaning company over a lost pair of trousers. Pearson filed suit against Soo Chung, Jin Nam Chung and Ki Y. Chung, the owners of Custom Cleaners in Washington, D.C., initially demanding $67 million for inconvenience, mental anguish and attorney's fees for representing himself, as a result of their failure, in Pearson's opinion, to live up to a "satisfaction guaranteed" sign that was displayed in the store. The case drew international attention when it went to trial in 2007 and has been held up as an example of frivolous litigation and the need for tort reform in the United States.

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No, its a pair of trousers!!! Get over it man!!! Its not like they were gold plated!!! Alot of retailers have satisfaction gauranteed signs and all are subject to errors... You wouldnt sue your local cafe because they made a bad coffee!! - _fraz_ (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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