Federal Investigation of Waukesha WI Supreme Court Election Results?

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Waukesha county clerk Kathy Nickolaus announced in an April 6, 2011 news conference that on election night she had failed to save on her computer more than 14,000 votes reported from the City of Brookfield and, as a result, issued an unofficial summary report to the media that was wrong.

She corrected the totals during the official canvass. The change meant that incumbent Supreme Court Justice David Prosser had surpassed challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg by about 7,500 votes, reversing the 204-vote lead she held statewide after Election Day.[1] This has caused some Wisconsinites to call for a federal investigation into the incident.

Arguments For

Nickolaus' History

Nickolaus has a history of election irregularities dating back to 2004.[2]
Nickolaus has been criticized for her election procedures, lack of oversight, and security procedures.[3] [4]
Nickolaus has a close history with David Prosser, working for the Assembly Republican Caucus when Prosser was Speaker.[5]
Nickolaus was granted immunity in exchange for testimony on a campaign scandal.[6]

For these reasons, Kathy Nickolaus cannot be trusted and an independent investigation should be conducted to determine the legitimacy of the "misreported" votes. Anything less results in an air of suspicion and distrust amongst half of the Wisconsin citizenry.

Arguments Against

An Insurmountable Lead

David Prosser has issued a statement which points out that, historically, "the largest ever vote swing in a Wisconsin statewide recount has only been 489 votes." So, Wisconsin should "avoid the unnecessary drama of a recount."[7]

A Simple Error

Nickolaus made the simple error of not saving a computer file. The error was found and corrected during the canvassing process, which is the reason for this step in the electoral process.

For these reasons a federal investigation would be an unnecessary waste of time and money.


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