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The Drupal content management system is one of many freely available systems. Other similar content management systems include Wordpress, Typo3, and Joomla.

Arguments For

Proven in the real-world, running many popular high-traffic websites.
Thousands of useful modules.
High amount of flexibility and lots of documentation.
A buzzing support forum with lots of Drupal community helpers and contributors.

Arguments Against

Known to have a steep learning curve, primarily due to it's unique way of doing things and it's unique set of terminology and vocabulary.
Not as user-friendly as Wordpress (see: Wordpress 100.0% yes).
Code-base consists of mainly PHP4 code with little or no use of PHP's classes.
Code-base is not warning/notice-free, and there are many. The effort to clean up these warnings does not seem to be a high priority.
Out-of-the-box, Drupal has very little functionality. This can be a good thing for developers and highly technical users, but less appealing to a novice.
Many users encounter slow performance due to the large number of tasks Drupal must cycle through in order to display a page. A large portion of these tasks gives Drupal it's modular power, but some may not want the overhead. (Caching does help improve Drupal's performance, however).


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I think it's a pretty good system. It does have a high learning curve. - thorie 0

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