What is deb8.us?

deb8.us is debate website that anyone can edit, similar to the famous wikipedia.org. However, unlike the wikipedia (which is an encyclopedia), deb8.us is designed to present opinion and sentiment on debatable topics. To keep things fair, every page is split into a neutral zone (for background information) at the top, and a left-side right-side split for the arguments. You can also think of deb8.us as a virtual internet courtroom.

The website was born out of the founder's desire to not only see the unbiased facts like on wikipedia, but also hear out the pros and cons with somewhat less restriction than an encyclopedia. Because sentiment and personal opinion is valued on this site, it has been integrated with Twitter which is abundant with personal opinion in the social networking world.

Although deb8.us is a site of opinions, there are quality guidelines described in the editing rules.

Remember, deb8.us is created by people like you! You are encouraged to edit existing debates with your expertise or start a new debate of your own. And at the very least, you are highly encouraged to vote and comment on the existing topics.

Contacting Us

You can leave comments about the site in general on the deb8.us website review page, or simply contact us at support@deb8.us.

Thanks for visiting, and welcome to our community!
Tim Horie (founder of deb8.us)
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