Legalized Abortion

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Debate concerning the federal legalization of abortion.

Current Legislation

"Thus, the [Judiciary] Committee observes that no significant legal barriers of any kind whatsoever exist today in the United States for a woman to obtain an abortion for any reason during any stage of her pregnancy." - US Senate Judiciary Committee - abortion in the United States via wikipedia.

Related Debates

Roe v Wade (1973)


Arguments For

Yes, abortion should be legal

Woman's right to her own body
Unwanted pregnancies due to crimes such as rape
Economic impact of orphans, rate of adoption.
Woman's life may be medically in danger.
Should be physician's call made with the woman and her family to abort if either life is at stake.
Reduce society's financial burden

"Oklahoma City - An Oklahoma judge on Tuesday overturned a state law that required women seeking an abortion to receive an ultrasound and a doctor's description of the fetus." - la times

Arguments Against

No, abortion should be illegal

Socio-Economic Concerns

Social programs are effective (*2003 government study). Unwanted children are needed by parents who cannot conceive.

Moral and Religious Concerns

Life is precious.


The US constitution grants right to life.

Medical Concerns

Today's technology and medicine allows 100% of babies to be born without harming the mother. An abortion is never required  [citation needed] 


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 2  Illinois Abortion Notification HuffingtonPost.com 7/14/2009

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7 Voted Yes

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I am all for Women's right since i don't want my tax dollars to raise someone else's baby. - myleow 0
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Abortion is already legal. It should remain legal and it should be safer for those who want them done and for those who perform them. - supercaliforniaroll 0
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IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE LEGAL - stonecoldvt (twitter) 0
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Abortion should be legal - simply because the fetus is NOT a human being, it's a bunch of cells advocating to become a human being. Of course there should be limits to WHEN an abortion is legal - 8-12 weeks are the norm, and that should continue. In Norway, where I reside, there is an upper limit of 16 weeks, but an abortion within those last 4 weeks of the 16week period needs to be granted by a committee, and cannot be decided by the mother alone. Medical reasons are of course a different case. - Junkfoodjunkie (twitter) 0

4 Voted No

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Abortion should not be legal. Pregnancy should be considered a medical condition dealt with by the doctor. If a mother's life is in medical danger, it should be the decision of the mother and the threat must be verified by the physician. Unwanted pregnancies should be dealt with by social programs either the church or community. - admin vote up image vote down image +1
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I have to say that I'm #pro-life and can't condone abortion. Let's fix the social problem of unwanted pregnancy through local programs instead. - thorie (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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Abortion should be Illegal, and giving infanticide supporters a pretty name, ie "Pro-choice", should be, too.

Fetuses are NOT simply a bunch of cells advocating to be a baby, it is the ONLY bunch of cells capable of becoming a baby, and it's a bunch of cells capable ONLY of becoming a baby: fetuses don't end up in monkeys, nor in chairs, but only in babies. Fetuses, as well as children, adults and elders are names given to human beings on specific parts of the human life cycle.

You can make an analogy with a movie: as the end scenes are as movie-like as the first scenes, so the last moments of life cannot be more human-like than the first ones.

Therefore fetuses are as human as adults are, and must be treated with the same dignity. - konr (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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