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Is Global Warming a Serious Threat? Yes Burning the witches started it all.  Sodenomae (twitter)
Life in a Village or Life in a Town ? Yes The Village Festival on Saturday 11th June is my favourite day of the year.  saxinthecity (twitter)
Life in a Village or Life in a Town ? No As the radio station, I've got to keep things fair, and after all the folks at Basingstoke and North Hampshire hospital are ace !  RHW877 (twitter)
Federal Investigation of Waukesha WI Supreme Court Election Results? Yes   thorie (twitter)
Federal Investigation of Waukesha WI Supreme Court Election Results? Yes An independent investigation is needed to preserve the credibility of the WI Supreme Court. #WIunion #tcot  wikillthebill (twitter)
Is Sucker Punch as bad as the critics say it is? No I thought the flick was good. There were not enough zombie's though!  ZombieChatter (twitter)
Is Sucker Punch as bad as the critics say it is? No I thought it was really pretty cool!  vMovieTrailers (twitter)
Should We Take Vitamins For Our Health? Yes I know first hand that vitamins C and E are very good for your skin.  MegLeeChin (twitter)
Do the bank failures worry you? Yes What 3 banks are you referring to? Do you mean US banks?  MegLeeChin (twitter)
Famous Amos Cookies Yes I would have liked to tried the original recipe cookies. Current ones are good but not much different from chips ahoy.  thorie (twitter)
cbssports.com Yes Decent U.S. sports and athletics coverage. I don't watch a lot of sports, so I probably won't be using it though.  thorie (twitter)
drudgereport.com Yes Popular news site. Apprently they broke the monica lewinsky scandal back in the day. Still has tons of readers.   thorie (twitter)
intuit.com No I think new websites such as freshbooks and outright are far better than these old guys who fail to innovate and adapt to the new, open, simpler way of doing things.  thorie (twitter)
latimes.com Yes Decent news covering major stories. I notice that I unintentionally land on their stories from a lot of other websites very frequently.  thorie (twitter)
overstock.com No Are they any good? I've never bought anything from them before, but they have been around a long time. I'm surprised they are still around from the DOT COM BUST era.  thorie (twitter)
simplyhired.com Yes Looks like a good site that I need to add to my regimen when searching for a job.  thorie (twitter)
weatherbug.com No An OK site, except I think I got some spam side effects from installing one of their toolbars or something a long, long time ago.  thorie (twitter)
lowermybills.com No Does it work or is it mostly spam? I don't know about this site, even though I have heard a lot about it.  thorie (twitter)
capitalone.com No With new government regulations regarding credit cards, rates are going up! Pay off and destroy your cards, don't use money you don't have!  thorie (twitter)
nbc.com No Good site, except that I don't watch TV so I don't really care! :-P  thorie (twitter)
typepad.com Yes Anyone try this before? I've always used wordpress and I don't have any reason to switch.  thorie (twitter)
wikia.com Yes Interesting site for collaborating with people with same interests.  thorie (twitter)
Should music sharing/copying be illegal? Yes yes because the owners won't make their profit  Daisydook2 (twitter)
Should Music Sharing Be Illegal? No i think u should be able to listen to it off the internet and share that website with your friends  Daisydook2 (twitter)
Christianity: Is the World Ending in 2012? No Like many things, the bible can be interpreted in many ways. End of this world may not mean the end of the earths existence or the destruction of the human race, but could mean the end of our way of thinking and interpretation of our physical surrounding. Such change could be brought out from a scientific discovery that defies our current logic making our brains "think outside the box" which could lead to an exponential flood of new knowledge. The greek word Apocalypse is used and interpreted as and end of the earth destruction word, but literally means "lifting of the veil" or "revelation" [source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apocalypse]. I interpret the verse stated above like so, You are to call out to your friends and family and decide on those who oppress you and relinquish them from learning the greater intelligence from which they are not worthy to receive, and as the enlightened one ascend into the higher depths of knowledge the unworthy are outcast. The bible is almost literally a metaphor, Jesus to  _fraz_ (twitter)
Should Brett Favre Still Play? Yes   _fraz_ (twitter)
Keynesian Economics No The Keynesian economics is very embedded in Europe (and, above all, in Italy): which the economy more flexible and resistent to up-down of the historical event? The U.S.A. or an european nation?  alepuzio (twitter)
Does eating wheatgrass improve health? Yes I think it helps, but it's not as special as most marketers want you to believe. Healthier than eating a greasy burger or something.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Keynesian Economics No I think the recent downturn of economic events clearly shows the flaws in Keynesian economics and we're definitely in for Obama-style hyperinflation.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Does blending increase nutrient digestibility? Yes I think in most cases, it does make it easier to digest.  jennyhooah (twitter)
No Child Left Behind Act No Nothing but a waste of taxpayer money!  jennyhooah (twitter)
Does cooking food significantly decrease its nutritional content? No I don't think it's significant and cooking food reduces harmful bacteria. Also I think it tastes better sometimes. I just remember to drink the broth too.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Should cellphone calls be permitted on planes? No I say no  jennyhooah (twitter)
Apple iPhone 3GS Yes Good phone  jennyhooah (twitter)
Should a state be allowed to censor internet material for all of it's citizens? No NO! Freedom of speech etc etc blah blah blah  _fraz_ (twitter)
apple.com Yes Agreed, very good.  _fraz_ (twitter)
Gerson Therapy / Diet Yes I think there are some valid points, but there needs to be more studies done. Unfortunately, I don't think there is much funding in such research. It's basically saying you don't need expensive drugs.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Should a state be allowed to censor internet material for all of it's citizens? No No, this type of censorship should not be allowed.  jennyhooah (twitter)
apple.com Yes It's a well-designed website.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Peanut Allergies No I'm not. What kind of debate is this?  jennyhooah (twitter)
Allow people to opt-out of social security? No In order for social security to work, everyone must contribute. That's the whole point. We can't have some people in it and some people not in it.   jennyhooah (twitter)
Are HTML tables bad for layout? No I think HTML tables are here to stay.  jennyhooah (twitter)
S 2028 Pandemic Response Bill Yes I think this is necessary to prevent the spread of disease.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Rid the world of nuclear weapons? Yes Yes, we should eliminate them all.  jennyhooah (twitter)
New York Yankees Yes I think the Yankees are a strong baseball team.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Allow genetically engineered offspring? Yes I'm sort of against it because we don't know the long term implications. But, the possibilities are potentially amazing so I think it will be inevitable. Science has changed the way we live and we should find ways of embracing it in an ethical and thoughtful manner.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Legalized Prostitution No I think it should not be illegal or legal federally, but allow the states to decide.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Should fish oil production be regulated to protect the environment? No I think regulation would be too expensive.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Diet Pepsi Yes I'm a fan of diet pepsi and diet coke.  jennyhooah (twitter)
American Medical Association No I've heard too many doctors complain about it. The AMA is in bed with pharmaceutical companies. The AMA won't recognize or even consider the fact that there may be other solutions to the health crisis than what is most profitable to drug companies. Alternative medicine, organic and natural supplements, and any other solution is quickly shut down as nonsense. It's really too bad. I don't like the AMA it is far too corrupt.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Eliminate the federal reserve? Yes The FED works in secrecy. It's a cabal. A cartel. It's illegal in terms of the constitution. It's a ponzi scheme. Eliminate it.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Former President Bill Clinton Yes Overall, I think he did a good job as a President.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Is California in a recession? Yes Apparently, California is going to be one of the first economically failed states. Another example of what happens when a government subsidizes poverty. You get more of it.  jennyhooah (twitter)
HTC Touch Diamond2 No The iPhone is better than this.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Did Marcavage Have His 4th Amendment Rights Violated? No I think the city should be allowed to inspect rental properties but not homes without a warrant. Rental properties are a business. This is not a violation of the 4th amendment, even if he lives in his duplex. The area of the duplex where he lives should be protected by the 4th amendment, but the rental area is a business.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Nokia N900 Yes doesn't look very good in my opinion  _fraz_ (twitter)
Chemical Castration for Sex Offenders Yes Yep I agree totally! it will save them and the public.  _fraz_ (twitter)
Bebo vs Facebook No Yay facebook :) the website is so much better because it 'flows' better :)  _fraz_ (twitter)
Chemical Castration for Sex Offenders Yes If they could find a way to consistently administer the treatment, I would say its a good preventive measure for convicted criminals.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Has Mattel gone too far with Homeless American Girl doll? No hehe i reckon its a good reflection of todays current society!  _fraz_ (twitter)
Racy Breast Cancer Awareness Ads Yes It's a little offensive but if it saves lives and helps find a cure, I am ok with it.  jennyhooah (twitter)
H1N1 Vaccinations Required? No No, it is your body you should have the right to decide what goes into it. No they should not be compulsory. If the spread becomes too bad public panic will make them all get it anyway.  _fraz_ (twitter)
Should sex education be taught to 5-year-olds? No Nope, 5 is too young, they have no need for the information, 8 earliest.  _fraz_ (twitter)
Apple vs Microsoft Yes I reckon apple is better because their machines are much more sleeker and compact saving valuable desk space. The OS is easy to use and simple but also can be used for very complex tasks allowing the one OS to be used for just checking an email and running a web server easily. The price is higher but, there are less viruses and it is much more stable. I myself do not like windows for its annoying "Are you sure you want to do this" dialog boxes so I am probably a little bit biased.  _fraz_ (twitter)
How debate topics should be written Yes Good page, helps alot.  _fraz_ (twitter)
PHP Yes Yes... PHP is a good language, it is free and can be installed on most major operating systems, unlike ASP. And if you are going to make debates know what it is you are starting the debate on...  _fraz_ (twitter)
President Barack H. Obama Yes I reckon he is doing just fine so far. He does need time to fully establish and you can't satisfy everyone.  _fraz_ (twitter)
Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants (1994) No No, it is coffee, it is hot. You would be able to feel if it was hotter than usual through the cup. And are we sure she didnt spill it on herself purposefully. If I sell you a knife and you trip and fall onto one leaving the shop i am not viable for your actions.  _fraz_ (twitter)
Does cooking food significantly decrease its nutritional content? Yes Yes it does decrease the nutritional value in the item but the nutrients do not just evaporate into thin air. So yes it does if you measure one thing but not very much if you count the whole dish.  _fraz_ (twitter)
Should women be required to register for the draft? No As it was prior to WWII women are not required to sign up because they are needed to have children, care for the children, work in factories to provide for the war and manage the household while the man is gone. Therefore it is a compremise, men risk their life in war while women practically run the country. But with the new equal rights laws that the women so persistantly tried for its seems fitting that they too should be required, but hey do you really want people like Paris Hilton fighting your war???  _fraz_ (twitter)
Wordpress Yes   _fraz_ (twitter)
Should brush clearing be allowed? Yes Brush clearing has been used for centuries and is not bad for the soil. A controlled fire will destroy the overgrown old trees allows new fresh shrubs to sprout and to stop larger uncontrolled fires. Far more polution is put out by the hybrids of the USA than what would come out of a controlled fire. Uncontrolled fires burn a much larger area of land at one time and put people and houses in serious danger.   _fraz_ (twitter)
Pain-free Cattle? Yes Cows are being exploited whether we like it or not! Would you rather suffer or feel no pain... Complaining about GE will not get you very far. 'Pain free' beef will put up a stiff competition becuase it will most likely be cheaper but people will be deciding to eat GE beef or organic beef. The GE beef would be thorougly tested over multiple generations before being declared safe to eat. The scientists know what they are doing, listen to them.  _fraz_ (twitter)
Light therapy (full-spectrum lighting) for health? No The human eye only picks up 3 main colours: red, green and blue. It is more sensitive to red than any other colours. The visible light spectrum has a very low effect on human skin due to evolution so there is not much point exposing these colours. Full-spectrum may feel better for you because of the infra-red warming your skin and the ultraviolet cooking your skin. The ultraviolet may break down certain 'harmful' substances in the skin. If anything just sunbathe every now and then, it is much cheaper then buying a full-spectrum emitting lamp.  _fraz_ (twitter)
Costco Yes It has its benefits.  _fraz_ (twitter)
Is Organic Food Healthier for You Than Conventional Food? Yes yea its healthier, but its not like non-organic foods will kill you. non-organic have been made specifically for easy eating.  _fraz_ (twitter)
US Foreign Policy is Effective No Not entirely  _fraz_ (twitter)
Google.com Yes Yes!!! Google is revolutionizing the web one thing at a time!!! Go gooooooooooooogglleeeee!!!!  _fraz_ (twitter)
Is marijuana a gateway drug? Yes Well if you knew you could get away with marijuana you could be encouraged to try other drugs cuz u knew you could get away with it.  _fraz_ (twitter)
Cash for Clunkers Yes Its alright! A few work arounds could be taken like an incentive to buying hybrids like 30% off and a lesser amount for non hybrids  _fraz_ (twitter)
Hannah Montana No No!! Disney is exploiting the singers with crap songs!! Miley might be able to sing (might) but with the songs she is singing she is losing on a large fraction of potential customers.  _fraz_ (twitter)
Are tanning salons safer than sun bathing? Yes They are just as bad as each other but time periods for each will greatly differ!  _fraz_ (twitter)
Michelle Obama's Legs Yes Yer! Every1 is dif who cares what other people look like...  _fraz_ (twitter)
Was Barack Obama Born in Hawaii? Yes I think the birthers are insane! Of course he was born in Hawaii.  jennyhooah (twitter)
High Fructose Corn Syrup No I have to say I'm against it. Even if it's not a health concern, too much politics in corn.  jennyhooah (twitter)
H1N1 Vaccinations Required? Yes They should be required for all kids and elderly!  jennyhooah (twitter)
Legalize, Tax and Regulate Marijuana? No No, we shouldn't legalize it in general but yes - for medical purposes. In fact, it already is legal in Marinol (a marijuana-based drug). It only causes problems in low-class society.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Medical Tort Reform No I think the threat of lawsuits forces doctors to be more careful. It does increase the costs of doing their job, but safety is really important.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Do you support the GM bailout? Yes Yes, we shouldn't just let the economy collapse.  jennyhooah (twitter)
President Barack H. Obama Yes I think he inherited a mess from George Bush. Give him time to fix things up.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Is cell phone radiation a concern? No There's radiation everywhere. The sun's UV rays. The FM and AM radio signals. Satellites. Cell phone towers. Gamma rays. Alpha rays. We're bombarded by radiation. I don't think the radiation from a cell phone is healthy BUT it's not really a concern.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Has Mattel gone too far with Homeless American Girl doll? No I don't think there's anything wrong with a homeless doll. Remember the garbage pail kids dolls from the 80's? People get excited about the most mundane things sometimes.  jennyhooah (twitter)
PHP Yes Yeah! Woo hoo! What's PHP again?  jennyhooah (twitter)
Trolley problem. Yes Flip the switch!  jennyhooah (twitter)
Could Michael Jackson have been saved? Yes I think there was a chance, and I think the doctor was guilty of overdose right?  jennyhooah (twitter)
Christianity: Is the World Ending in 2012? No I don't think the world is going to end. I try to be optimistic in life!  jennyhooah (twitter)
Senator John McCain Yes He's a great republican. I am not so sure about Sarah Palin though.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Apple Inc. Yes Apple is an amazing business mostly because of Steve Jobs. I don't think it would be anywhere near as successful without his genius.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Death Penalty No No, killing someone never solves anything.  jennyhooah (twitter)
Is marijuana a gateway drug? No No, it's not a gateway drug. Smoking pot and doing heroin are two different things. If there's any connection, it's because they've already established that both are crimes so why not. If marijuana was legalized, there would be less connection between pot and hard drugs.  jennyhooah (twitter)
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