Racy Breast Cancer Awareness Ads

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Recently Newsweek reported on the latest breast cancer awareness ads[1] which some have found to be too provocative or racy. Are the ads too racy and fail to accomplish awareness, or are they just fine the way they are?
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Arguments For

The ads are fine

The ads reach a younger audience that may not be paying attention to the risk of breast cancer.
The ads lets young women know how breast cancer can hurt their self image.
The lighthearted and racy nature of the ads may spark more discussion and much needed attention.

Arguments Against

The ads are inappropriate and ineffective

The ads garner the wrong type of audience and attention.
Breast cancer is a serious issue and racy ads are a mockery to those women inflicted by it.
Objectification of women.


 1  Sexy Breast Cancer Ads Provocative Or Patronizing?

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It's a little offensive but if it saves lives and helps find a cure, I am ok with it. - jennyhooah (twitter) 0

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