What is my reputation score?

Your reputation score is calculated as the sum of points you can earn by performing various activities on the site. In general, the more you use the site, the more points you earn.

Starting a new debate+1 pt
Receiving a vote on your started debate+1 pt
Voting and commenting on a debate+1 pt
Receiving an up-rating on your comment+2 pt
Receiving an down-rating on your comment-1 pt
Referral (Log-in to see referral URL)+10 pts
Getting banned for spam/abuselose all your points

How is my reputation score used?

Your reputation score isn't really used in any particular way, but it stands as a measure of your activity level and contribution to the site. Also, we may have contests that award top reputation members with gift certificates and other prizes. These contests will be announced. Note, you will lose all your points and may be banned at the site administrator's discretion if you spam or abuse the point system (such as creating junk debates or using bots).

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