Do we need tough interrogation methods?

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With the CIA abuse scandal and investigation, Guantanamo Bay prison abuses, and stories of waterboarding and torture, we evaluate and ask: Do we need tough interrogation methods in order to obtain critical information from known terrorists?

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Arguments For

Yes, we need tough interrogation

Bottom Line - Saving American Lives

Tough interrogation can lead to new information that can potentially save thousands or even millions of lives. Most terrorists are very tough under pressure and do not give in easily. [citation needed]  Thus tough methods are needed.

A lot of the intelligence obtained from high-value detainees over the past several years would not have been uncovered if interrogators were limited to the field manual.[1]

Arguments Against

No, we don't need tough interrogation


Tough interrogation methods don't actually get more information. [citation needed] 


Tough interrogation methods are not a fair way to treat a prisoner or detainee.

The previous tougher interrogation methods are being replaced. President Obama announced that the White House will form and directly supervise a new interrogation unit led by the FBI.[2]


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7 Voted Yes

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When it comes to war, there are no rules. Those that claim to abide by some "international human rights during war" treaty is just a facade to pretty up their bloodshed and to legitimize their other actions. If we can bomb cities without conscience, using tough interrogation would be a drop in the bucket. - supercaliforniaroll 0
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TOUGHER THE BETTER - stonecoldvt (twitter) 0
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yes, no mercy for terrorists - we need to increase national security before they strike again - mikeROD2020 (twitter) 0

4 Voted No

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#politics This is a tough argument. I have to vote no, especially because there may be plenty of cases where the one being interrogated actually does not have information. I know Jack Bauer is a hero, but we should find a way to avoid needing to interrogate them in the first place. - thorie (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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I think we should trust a fair and reasonable justice system. - jennyhooah (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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