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The AMA maintains a consistent and high level of medical care and makes industry-wide decisions on the best course of action to benefit doctors and patients.

Arguments Against

A closed organization that strongly supports the profit-driven demands of medical and pharmaceutical companies. The AMA refuses to acknowledge homeopathic and natural cures due to the lack of profitability regardless of their actual effectiveness. Doctors are forced to join and follow the rules of the AMA despite it not being in their best interest, or in the best interest of patients.


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I've heard too many doctors complain about it. The AMA is in bed with pharmaceutical companies. The AMA won't recognize or even consider the fact that there may be other solutions to the health crisis than what is most profitable to drug companies. Alternative medicine, organic and natural supplements, and any other solution is quickly shut down as nonsense. It's really too bad. I don't like the AMA it is far too corrupt. - jennyhooah (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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