Prop 8 Ban Against Gay Marriage in California

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This debate is specifically about California's Proposition 8 ballot measure which bans gay marriage. To discuss general issues (non-specific to California), refer to the general debate on same-sex marriage. This debate should expand upon the general debate with details relevant specifically to California.

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Arguments For

Yes, Proposition 8 is right: marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Arguments Against

No, Proposition 8 is wrong: same-sex marriage should be legal.


 1  2nd prop 8 challenge hearing Aug 19, 2009

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As long as it's not hurting or endangering anyone, nobody should care about what is going on in another person's home. Separation of church and state. The concept of marriage (straight, gay, or otherwise) shouldn't even be acknowledged by government. A person's rights should not be different because they are married or not, gay or not, female or not, etc. I say repeal all laws related to religious contracts such as marriage! Live free or die. Those who do not have the courage to defend freedom, don't deserve it. - thorie (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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