Is alcohol more dangerous than marijuana?

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Is alcohol more dangerous in terms of overall effect on a person's health than marijuana?


51% of Americans say alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana.[1]

Note: The poll is poorly worded. Marijuana could be seen as "more dangerous" simply because you can go to jail for using marijuana - the danger of a prison sentence.

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Arguments For

Alcohol is more dangerous

Arguments Against

Marijuana is more dangerous


 1  51% Rate Alcohol More Dangerous Than Marijuana Aug 28, 2009 (www.rasmussenreports.com)

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#politics I think deaths related to alcohol usage far surpass deaths related to marijuana usage. - thorie (twitter) 0
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Of coarse! I invite everyone to do some research. alcohol harms your body,many thousands of people die every year. Many people get angry and become abusive when drunk, drunk driving, the 2 shouldn't even be compared. I have seen sick people feel good after smoking a little bit. I am not talking about irresposible marijuana use, smoking all day. I support the use of marijuana for medicinal patients. I also support use by people over 21, as long as they do it in their house and act responsibly. Prohibition did not work for alcohol, it won't work for marijuana either. I believe in the legalization of medical marijuana and feel people need to be educated properly and realize that there is NOTHING wrong with responsible use. Legalize, educate, regulate and tax! - txryanrodriguez (twitter) +1
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Drunk drivers are way more dangerous!!! - jennyhooah (twitter) 0
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Yes! I hate hang over. - superanana (twitter) +1
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Yes, because its legal and VERY easy to obtain. If they were both legal i would say they were even. - _fraz_ (twitter) 0
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I think that alcohol is far more dangerous as it is far easier to obtain and is not illegal. - CodyyC (twitter) 0

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I guess that is why you are smoking then....LOL - bestbuy2 (twitter) vote up image vote down image -2
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