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Comparison with Other Debate Sites

There are many good debate sites on the web. Here's how deb8.us is different from the rest of them:

Deb8.us is not meant to be a "formal" debate site. This is not a site where one contender argues against another contender with time restrictions, or anything like a debate club or debate league might have. It's a debate site in the loosest terms, and includes product reviews and fun topics such as entertainment news.
Deb8.us is not built by an internal handful of privileged writers. It's built by everyone, people who wish to contribute. That's the heart and beauty of the wiki tradition. Why is this so great? Many other debate sites have strong restrictions on what can be said and who can say it. I think that this creates a natural bias towards those who have editing authority which goes against neutrality and freedom of speech.
Deb8.us is ultimately simple, relying on great content by great editors. It doesn't have fancy features, but it gets the message across in a simple and informative way. Deb8.us is less about being fancy and more about getting information across.
Deb8.us takes advantage of being able to break down a debate into separate sub-debates using wiki formatting code. Where as some debate sites will attempt to overload a single page with too much information, on Deb8.us you can see the breakdown of any sub-debate by looking at the overview debate. This lets you see how strong each point of the debate is as well as elaborate on details as much as you want while keeping things simple.
Deb8.us sacrifices cool-factor design and features, and instead opts for good, solid information thats easy to read.

Arguments For

What is deb8 about?

deb8 is a wikipedia-like site that allows people to vote and discuss any topic imaginable

What is the difference between deb8 and wikipedia?

while wikipedia attempts to give an encyclopedia of facts and does have sections for arguing for and against topics, it doesn't track people's comments and sentiment - you are encouraged to voice your opinion on topics here

Is this a serious site?

this site is as serious as it's users want it to be - i think it will meld and grow into something of it's own from contributors around the world. users are encouraged to have fun, but spamming is not tolerated.

what are user levels?

in order to deter spammers and poor editors, different user levels are allowed to make different amounts of edits. default users can edit their own topics as much as they want, and other topics only once per hour. level 1 users can edit other topics once every 10 minutes. level 2 users can edit other topics as much as they want. you can gain levels by earning karma points from other users (voting up your comments or starting popular topics).

is this site free?

absolutely and always will be

how do you earn enough money to support the site?

donations are welcome, and we plan to run some ads in the future

i need help with something on this site

feel free to email support@deb8.us

Arguments Against

Nothing :-)


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