Microsoft Windows 7

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This is a developing debate as the OS has not yet been released.
This topic is concerning the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Descriptions of the PROs and CONs of the software is outlined below. Microsoft Windows 7 is the successor to Microsoft Windows Vista and a competitor to Linux and Apple Snow Leopard, among many other operating systems.

It is planned to be released on October 22, 2009.[3]

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Arguments For

64-bit operating system[2] (see: Are 64-bit operating systems better than 32-bit?)
Services run on-demand to save resources, unlike Windows predecessors[2]
Taskbar previews[2]
"Jumplists" feature designed to enhance usability[2]
Uses less memory than Windows predecessors[2]

Arguments Against


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 2  Windows 7 Features Fetched Sept 15, 2009 (Microsoft.com)
 3  Windows 7 Fetched Sept 17, 2009 (Microsoft.com)

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Looks good to me so far. - thorie 0

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Not again. They need to start making these operating systems run faster, not slower. - admin vote up image vote down image 0
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