Is marijuana addictive?

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Is marijuana an addictive substance? Would it be difficult for the average person to quit smoking marijuana without counseling? This debate is part of the war on drugs series and the marijuana debate.

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Arguments For

Yes, marijuana is addictive.

There are thousands of marijuana addiction clinics around the United States. They are populated by many, many people including a large percentage of young teens.

Marijuana is as addictive as cigarettes/tobacco [citation needed] .

Arguments Against

No, marijuana is not addictive.

Young teens are forced into addiction centers because when a juvenile is caught with marijuana, judges will often offer two alternatives: go to jail, or to go rehab. Most teens will choose rehab, even if they are not psychologically addicted to marijuana.


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To some degree, I believe it is addictive. But so is anything else that causes a positive effect in the mind.

There needs to be more studies done regarding the true addictive nature of this drug, rather than trying to imply something from the number of addiction clinics. - thorie (twitter) 0

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