Pain-free Cattle?

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Is it ethical to engineer cows that feel no pain?

This debate is specifically for engineering cows that do not feel pain, for the food industry. There is also a general debate on vegitarianism, [a url=http://deb8.us]treatment of food industry animals[/a], and [a url=http://deb8.us]genetic engineering[/a], and [a url=http://deb8.us]PETA[/a].

Arguments For

Yes, engineering cows that do not feel pain is ethical.

Genetic engineering is used in most grocery food vegetables.
It is inhumane to allow cows to suffer, and more ethical to reduce that pain.

Arguments Against

No, engineering cows that do not feel pain is NOT ethical.

Genetic modification itself is not ethical.
Instead of reducing the cow's pain, they should stop killing cows.
Cows are animals used for consumption, a painful death should not concern human beings any more than a lion cares when it kills a deer. It is not abuse, it is survival.


 1  Is It Ethical To Engineer Delicious Cows That Feel No Pain? Hsu, Jeremy Sep 2, 2009 (www.popsci.com)

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If we're going to kill them for food anyways, I think it's humane to let them die without pain. - thorie (twitter) 0
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YES its a smart thing because i like beef - mikeROD2020 (twitter) 0
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Cows are being exploited whether we like it or not! Would you rather suffer or feel no pain... Complaining about GE will not get you very far. 'Pain free' beef will put up a stiff competition becuase it will most likely be cheaper but people will be deciding to eat GE beef or organic beef. The GE beef would be thorougly tested over multiple generations before being declared safe to eat. The scientists know what they are doing, listen to them. - _fraz_ (twitter) 0

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poor cattle, we should stop abusing them - stonecoldvt (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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