Should evolution be taught in schools?

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Yes, it should be taught

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No, it should not be taught


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Yes, evolution should be taught in schools because it's scientific. - jennyhooah (twitter) +1
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Evolution is a theory yes... but when you think about it, is religion not just a theory itself?? Evolution is proven by the fossils found in the earth... Evolution is backed by science taught in schools... Religion has little to back it apart from a book. There is no 100% proof that either one is correct but more evidence supports evolution then religion. Evolution should be taught in schools... - _fraz_ (twitter) +1
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I think some people misunderstand the idea of a theory. A theory is a model which science uses to link ideas that explain these so called 'theories'. A scientific theory can be theoretically proven by examples of living things around us and by studying the environment in which we live in. Do not mix up a scientific 'theory' with a normal theory.

There is a large amount of scientific evidence of the existence of the 'Theory of Evolution' that way outnumbers that of a religious means of creation and you would be foolish to not believe in the theory. If you cannot believe in the 'Theory' of Evolution then you may as well not believe in most of what we believe in today... like: healthy diets, that smoking is bad for you etcetera etcetera.
- CodyyC (twitter) +1
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Evolution, as Cody says, is a scientific theory - supported by years and years of research, which, given the current knowledge and proofs, tells us that evolution is the MOST LIKELY reason why we're here today. As any other scientific theories, it's supposed to be questioned, analyzed and redrawn as time goes by. Darwins theory, while still the groundwork, has been added to, and changed several times over during the years after it was published.

Religion, on the other hand, is not a theory - it's a FAITH - there are no proof, neither scientific nor anecdotal - only hear-say, word-of-mouth and belief. There are no reason why religion should be taught in schools over the theory of evolution - by all means, teach kids about different religions, but be cautious not to jade their opinion - teach about all religions in a similar matter, and let the kids make up their own mind, whether or not they want to become religious people - no matter what that religion might be (granted, some might have more problems changin - Junkfoodjunkie (twitter) 0

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No WAY. Evolution is only theories not fact. Why are you teaching thing that are only theories while there are no prove of any kind. - bestbuy2 (twitter) vote up image vote down image -1
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