Is marijuana a gateway drug?

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In the debate over marijuana, a key argument is the theory that marijuana is a gateway drug. Does marijuana usage make it more likely that an individual will later on try harder drugs/narcotics such as cocaine and heroin? Is it a stepping-stone towards more dangerous drugs?

This debate is part of the war on drugs series, and the marijuana debate.

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Arguments For

Yes, marijuana is a gateway drug.

Arguments Against

No, marijuana is not a gateway drug.


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2 Voted Yes

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I think a casual marijuana user would be more likely to try harder drugs, and I think that's based on the person's fundamental beliefs about drugs in general. A person who avoids drugs would probably avoid all of them.

Of course, a medical marijuana user may not be as likely - although it makes sense that they would seek stronger pain killers such as vicodin which may lead to abuse of pharmaceutical drugs. - thorie (twitter) +1
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Well if you knew you could get away with marijuana you could be encouraged to try other drugs cuz u knew you could get away with it. - _fraz_ (twitter) 0

1 Voted No

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No, it's not a gateway drug. Smoking pot and doing heroin are two different things. If there's any connection, it's because they've already established that both are crimes so why not. If marijuana was legalized, there would be less connection between pot and hard drugs. - jennyhooah (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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