Does the Mercury in Dental Fillings cause Disease?

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This debate is about whether mercury amalgam dental filling causes any significant health issues.

Tooth cavity is a hole in the tooth caused by decay. When starch and sugar from the food we eat combine with the sticky substance on the teeth known as plague, it leads to tooth decay. The acids produced by this combination attacks and destroys the tooth enamel.

Dentists treat cavities with dental fillings. Dental fillings are of two major types namely the amalgam filling and the resin or composite filling. Ingredients that go into amalgam fillings include copper, tin, silver and mercury. Tooth coloured resin or composite filling is made by combining quartz or glass filler in resin.

Alternate fillings include the ionomers and composite fillings. Ionomers are made of fine glass and acrylic acids and are not very durable. Composite fillings are moderately priced. Fillings are chosen based on various factors such as the location of tooth to be filled, the amount of pressure that can be applied on the filling and the budget.

Arguments For

Yes, the mercury is a source of disease.

Effects of mercury toxicity can reveal itself unexpectedly if exposure is high or is a low level chronic exposure over a period of time. Organ systems such as liver and kidney are affected due to exposure and symptoms include extreme tingling, numbness, tremor and blurred vision.

Dr. Murray Vimy is a former consultant for the World Health Organization and a research scientist. According to him, there is evidence to prove that 80 to 85 percent of people have this toxic heavy metal, mercury, implanted in their teeth and put themselves at the risk of timed release poisoning.

Dr. Lars Friberg is the former World Health Organizations chief advisor. He says that there is no safe mercury level and that mercury is a highly toxic substance. Dr. Boyd Haley, a chemist at the University of Kentucky opines that the FDA and CDC are influenced by the vaccine and pharmaceutical industries and are not sincere in their duty towards safeguarding peoples health.

A US Environmental Protection Agency report released in 1997 says nothing deposits more inorganic mercury into the body than fillings.

Claims made by the ADA are not in the best interest of patients. The ADA is a commercial organization that generates money through political lobbying and forcing all dentists to become a member in order to practice. In fact, there are many dentists who do not like the ADA but only join in order to do business.

Arguments Against

No, the mercury is safe.

According to the American Dental Association, the high level of concern and fear over mercury fillings has to be dispelled on an urgent basis, as they hold no basis. People are opting for alternative filling methods as a precaution.

ADA says fillings are made with a combination of amalgam, mercury mixture, tin, silver, copper and certain other metals. When bonded with these metals, mercury becomes very stable. Amalgam is the most affordable and durable dental fillings.

There is a lot of concern among consumers who think that amalgam fillings lead to neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis. Mercury fillings can lead to Alzheimers disease, immune system impairment and kidney disorders. ADA however claims that the fillings do not affect people in any manner.

ADAs claim is based on strong affirmations by organizations such as Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the US Public Health Service, the National Institutes of Health, the World Health Organization and the Food and Drug Administration. ADA advises consumers not to overreact to scare tactics and remove their mercury fillings.

On July 28th 2009, tighter safety control measures were placed on the use of mercury amalgam dental fillings by the US health authorities. Following this the fillings will now be categorized under class II devices or middle range risk. US health officials noted that no significant harm can be caused by amalgam fillings containing mercury.


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