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Many health foods are touted as having "antioxidant" properties to fight off disease. However, some believe that this is marketing hype and in some cases, oxidant properties are helpful (such as with athletes).

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Yes, antioxidants are good

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No, antioxidants are mostly hype


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Antioxidants DO have a beneficial health value, but it's probably not as big as the marketeers want us to believe. However, every bit counts, and there are no reasons NOT to eat or drink food with antioxidants - it might be better actually getting them through natural channels though, like fresh fruit and fruitjuice. - Junkfoodjunkie (twitter) 0

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The health benefits of antioxidants are grossly over-marketed and over-hyped. Eat fresh food and exercise regularly if you want better health. - admin vote up image vote down image 0
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