Rid the world of nuclear weapons?

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The United States holds more nuclear arsenal than any other country by a far margin. However, many other countries have continued to have nuclear weapons and many more are attempting to obtain them in a quest for power and defense. Should the world's nuclear weapons be dismantled and eliminated?


At the Sept 24, 2009 UN Security Council meeting, president Obama plans to discuss how to rid of the world of nuclear weapons.[1]

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Arguments For

Yes, all nuclear weapons should be eliminated

Nuclear weapons are incredibly devastating to countries, people, and the environment. Nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are testament to the destruction. The nuclear plant meltdown in Chernobyl also serves as an example of it's terrible consequences.

Nuclear weapons only cause tension between countries and potentially disastrous to people and the planet. Although nuclear weapons haven't been used between two countries, that does not prove they will never be used in the future.

Arguments Against

No, nuclear weapons should not be eliminated

Gun-and-Shooter Argument

Nuclear weapons themselves are not the problem. International relations is the effort that must decide whether aggression, regardless of weapons used, could be avoided.

Historical Argument

Because nuclear weapons have not been used since 1945, this indicates they help keep peace.[1]
Because there's never been a nuclear war between two states that possess them, this indicates that they help keep peace.[1]


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#politics Just because there hasn't been nuclear war, I don't think that eliminates the possibility of one. Humans have notoriously been ignorant about many things in the world and continuing to keep complete destruction of the planet at a flip of a switch simply doesn't make sense to me.

It's a bit idealistic to think that because all weapons are eliminated there will be peace. However, I do think it will be one of the many things the US can do to reduce the tension between the US and other countries. - Tim Horie (twitter) 0
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Yes, we should eliminate them all. - jennyhooah (twitter) 0

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The nukes help keep the peace. - thorie (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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