H1N1 Vaccinations Required?

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With the swine flu continuing to spread in the United States, there has been a high concern about vaccination. Should people be required by government to get H1N1 swine flu vaccinations?

Arguments For


Can't afford to risk the disease spreading and killing thousands of people.

Arguments Against


The government does not exist to be our federal doctor.

Vaccine is Deadly

A doctor has reported that the vaccine is more deadly than swine flu itself and won't give it to his own children.[2]


 1  Pandemic bill allows health authorities to enter homes, detain without warrant Sept 1, 2009 Schilling, Chelsea (www.wnd.com)
 2  Doctor Admits Vaccine Is More Deadly Than Swine Flu Itself & Will Not Give It To His Kids

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They should be required for all kids and elderly! - jennyhooah (twitter) 0

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No, it is your body you should have the right to decide what goes into it. No they should not be compulsory. If the spread becomes too bad public panic will make them all get it anyway. - _fraz_ (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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