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In the software development arena, software patents are frequently a hot topic of debate. Many software developers are hindered by the millions of frivolous patents. Those attempting to file for patents find there is a waiting time so long that the technology is obsolete by the time the patent is approved. Also, those approving the patents may not be technically knowledgeable enough to understand whether the patent is truly unique and valid.

However, the purpose of patents is to protect the inventor's creativity and work as well as encourage invention.

Are software patents good or bad as they currently stand in US law?

Arguments For

Yes, software patents are good

They encourage creativity and reward those who invent technology.

Arguments Against

No, software patents are bad

They are mostly used for aggressive lawsuits that have little or no basis. They discourage creativity and only cause problems for engineers and scientists to actually grow.

Very few, if any, software patents are legitimately unique and creative. Most are standard methods of problem solving that nearly everyone would come up with in the same situation. Many are as frivolous as a carpenter putting a patent on stacking lumber in a pile to save space. This is not helpful.


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