Should pandas be saved from extinction?

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Pandas are the rarest type of bear in the world.[1] They have been on the endangered species list for many years. Scientists and ecologists have been attempting to save them from extinction. They are particularly difficult to maintain because of their lack of desire to mate and reproduce.

Should panda bears be saved from extinction?

Need information: how did humans play a role? to what degree are humans responsible for the endangered status? could genetic engineering allow pandas to increase their desire to mate? to what degree should humans tamper with the ecosystem? to what degree do we know what is the right thing for sustainability?

Arguments For

Yes, they should be saved

Human Responsibility

The destruction of their habitats when constructing cities and towns is immoral and a danger to the ecosystem.

Arguments Against

No, let them go extinct

Economic Argument

Panda preservation costs millions of dollars a year when that money could be spent on the preservation for many other habitats and creatures that would be more economically sound. Pandas are not the only creature endangered; saving habitats would be far more useful.

Naturalist Chris Packham, a BBC Nature host, believes that "Conservation, both nationally and globally, has a limited amount of resources, and I think we're going to have to make some hard, pragmatic choices."[1]


 1  Wild Life Expert says Let the Pandas Die Sept 25, 2009 McCarthy, Kate (ABC News)

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Yes! They are so cute~~~ Save the pandas! Save the pandas! - jennyhooah (twitter) 0
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Yes, Panda's are non-threatening animals and destroying their habitat is wrong! - _fraz_ (twitter) 0

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I think humans are responsible for destroying panda habitat. I am not sure to what degree scientists even know that preservation of these animals are really helping the ecosystem. I understand the case for the Amazon rain forests, but I don't know the case for Pandas. I have to say that if these bears are not willing to mate, we shouldn't force them. Tampering with nature is the ultimate problem. We shouldn't take their habitat, but we shouldn't force them to exist either. - thorie (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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