Should brush clearing be allowed?

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The Los Angeles wildfires have burned hundreds of acres and many people have lost their homes.

AP reports, "Prescribed burns can also be used to improve overall forest health and increase forage for wildlife. Obtaining the necessary permits is a complicated process, and such efforts often draw protests from environmentalists."[1]

Could the brush fires have been prevented or reduced by controlled clearing? Or do the controlled fires hurt the air quality and the environment?

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Arguments For

[h]Yes, controlled burns should be allowed.[/h]

They reduce the chances of much larger out-of-control fires.
The amount of air pollution caused by controlled fires is far less than if it does become out of control.
The overgrown trees and brush are hazardous.
The environmental impact of controlled fires is far less than natural geological occurrences such as volcano eruptions.

Arguments Against

[h]No, controlled burns should not be allowed.[/h]

They damage the environment.
They are unnecessary.
They add smoke to the air causing pollution.
They add unnecessary risk of a controlled fire becoming out of control.
They are an annoyance to neighborhoods and cities.
The overgrown brush should be removed using less aggressive, alternative techniques.


 1  [a url=http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gNirrGO3UeJug3__BuGV2m6TzUIQD9AFHJG00]"Feds didn't clear brush in wildfire area"[/a] Sep 3, 2009 Blood, Michael (Associated Press)

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#fires I think brush clearing is a smart idea, and far less damaging than what a large out-of-control fire can do to a city. Environmentalists may disagree with me. - thorie (twitter) 0
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Brush clearing has been used for centuries and is not bad for the soil. A controlled fire will destroy the overgrown old trees allows new fresh shrubs to sprout and to stop larger uncontrolled fires. Far more polution is put out by the hybrids of the USA than what would come out of a controlled fire. Uncontrolled fires burn a much larger area of land at one time and put people and houses in serious danger. - _fraz_ (twitter) 0

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the smoke is bad and we shouldn't kill poor innocent trees - jennyhooah (twitter) vote up image vote down image 0
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